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Already Been Arraigned in Court?

Here are the Next Steps in a OUI Court Case

If you've already been arraigned in court after being arrested on an OUI charge, now you need to figure out what do do next. Your next court date is a pretrial conference

I can go over your case, and advice you on your chances of winning in court. And if you've decided to plead guilty, I can get move up the court date to allow you to drive as soon as possible. So call me for a free consultation either way at (781)380-7730.

- Russell J. Matson, Attorney at Law

What Happens at a Pretrial Conference?

You and your attorney meet with the prosecutor and discuss your charges. The prosecutor (or District Attorney) will offer a deal to plead to the charges. See my DUI penalties page for details on what you could be facing.

If your attorney can negotiate a deal that is fair and agreeable to you, then you might agree to plead guilty

If you want to fight the case, then your attorney will file motions for discovery,  possibly set a date for a motion to suppress hearing, or determine other court dates as required. Also, if we are fighting the case, I will want to talk with you in detail about the facts of your case at this time.

I will also visit the site of the spot where the police pulled you over. That way I can investigate any irregularities about the police procedures, and analyze exactly how we should argue that you are not guilty.

What if I can't decide what do you?

I will help you go over the pros and cons of fighting your case, all the benefits and risks. If you still need time to think about whether you want to go to trial, we can proceed as if you want to fight it.

If you change you mind at any time during the process, we can always agree to a plea deal.

I'm ready to settle my OUI case. Do I need to wait a month (or more) until my pretrial date!

No, as your attorney, I can file a motion to advance the pretrial court date as soon as possible. If you are pleading guilty to be able to drive again with a hardship license, it doesn't make sense to wait while your license is suspended.

After I move up the court date, we can get you driving within 7-10 days of going to court.

Do I Have to Have An Attorney at a Pretrial to work out a plea deal?

Legally and technically, it is possible to represent yourself. But you will be, quite literally, at the mercy of the court. The prosecutor is not on your side. Some judges may be fair, but some are extremely harsh to those accused of drunk driving. So the risks are significant, and those risks include jail time.

As your attorney, I can offer you many benefits in working out a plea, that include:

  • I will evaluate your case to make sure there aren't any legal or police mistakes that should qualify for a dismissal.

  • I can nearly always negotiate for the minimum penalty allowed under Massachusetts law.

  • I will fight to have lesser criminal and civil charges dismissed, or entered as suspended/concurrent, so they don't effect you, or further impact your auto insurance rates.

  • I will reduce your stress level by walking you through the process every step of the way. You will understand what is happening, and you won't have to worry about being treated unfairly.

  • I will make sure you get a hardship license if you are eligible. Myself or my associate will make sure all the paperwork is processed properly, and we will represent you at a Registry Hearing, for no extra fee.

If you are trying to decide what to do in preparation for a pretrial conference court date on a DUI charge, please call me for a free case evaluation.

I can answer any specific questions you have about your drunk driving case. I answer and return calls nights and weekends, so please fee free to call me to discuss your case anytime at (781)380-7730. There is no obligation for my consultation.

- Russell Matson, Attorney at Law

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