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If you drive on a Suspended License in Massachusetts after a drunk driving conviction, you will face a minimum 60 days in jail as a sentence

Never drive on a suspended license while on probation for an OUI offense. You can nearly always get a hardship license after a first offense OUI charge, so why risk it? Driving on a suspended license is a criminal offense in all cases, and the penalties are particularly harsh for a license suspension after a DUI. 

   If the registry suspends your license for refusal to take the breath test you can appeal your license loss at the registry and appeal the registry decision to the local district court. There are some technical issues to do with procedures that will occasionally result in license reinstatement, although license reinstatement appeals are longshots.

   The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles will not issue a hardship license, (also known as a limited license, work license, day license or Cinderella license) for refusing to take a breath test. They will only issue them for an OUI conviction, a drug conviction, or for Habitual Traffic Offender suspensions. The Mass RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles) mandates a minimum suspension period before a hardship application can be made which varies depending on the reason for suspension.

    The registry hearing officers have a checklist of 9 different conditions that have to be met in order to grant a hardship license for OUI or drug offenses, and 6 different factors for a Habitual traffic offender. Your chances of promptly receiving a hardship license increase if an experienced attorney such as myself represents you. Call me at (781) 380-7730 for details on how to get your hardship license.

I'm at the registry every week helping people keep their freedom to drive and earn a living. If you're facing a license suspension in Massachusetts, I may be able to help if there is any possible legal grounds to do so. Call for a free consultation.

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